Work of the Russian securities market with foreign emitters

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    Tenzor Consulting Group

The beginning of 2010 was marked by the appearance of a complex of documents, regulating activity of foreign emitters on the Russian fund market.

In particular, in the beginning of 2010 the Federal Service for Financial Markets (FSFR) issued orders No10-12/пз-н from the 25 of February and No10-20/пз-н from the 23 of March.

In this connection the procedures for regulation of foreign emitters' activity have changed so much, that it is necessary to review profoundly the whole complex of regulatory acts on the above-noted kinds of activity.

Among these documents it is necessary to point out the article 51.1 of the Federal Law No 39-ФЗ On securities market from April 22, 1996, which was put in force by the Federal Law from 28.12.2002 No 185-ФЗ and amended by the Federal Law from 28.04.2009 No 74-ФЗ.

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