Rethinking Legal Technology in Legal Project Managment

In my legal project management (LPM) consulting work with
both AmLaw 100 and smaller firms, I have encountered an
increasing number of highly proficient nonlawyer technical
professionals who feel, as one chief knowledge officer put
it, “like I’m a prophet without honor in my own land.”

Whether the nonlawyer professional heads up the project
management office, is director of information technology,
chief information officer or chief knowledge officer, he or she
may be thinking “I don’t get the respect I deserve” or “I don’t
have a seat at the table.” The table referred to could be one
of several including: the one at which senior firm management
drives and responds to the fundamental changes reshaping
the legal profession; the table at which multi-disciplinary
operational teams are created and their members assigned
various degrees of responsibility and authority; or the table
at which the firm plans and budgets

Woldow, P. 2010, "Rethinking Legal Technology in Legal Project Managment". In: ILTA White Paper 2010, ILTA, United States.


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