General education schools funding aspects

The structure of the Master’s Work consists of three parts - the general education school financing model was introduced in the first part, furthermore, each source of funding was particularly analyzed, more attention was given to Lithuanian school voucher as the main principle of general education schools funding. The general education schools funding system of the end of twentieth century was discussed and the main problems and disadvantages of this system were investigated in the second part. Moreover, all school funding reforms, which were carried out in the Republic of Lithuania, were reviewed, and the main objective and legal regulations were discussed. Also the comparative analysis concerning general education school funding systems within the European Union countries was performed and the most efficient models were determined. The opinion of school community members about general education funding system and the quality of education services in general education schools were analyzed and the main practical problems were determined in the third part of the Master’s work.

Kucaidze, N. 2010, General education schools funding aspects, eLABa.