New Serbian Competition Law (Novi Zakon o zaštiti konkurencije)

In 2009 Serbian lawmakers adopted the new Competition Law introducing a number of significant changes to the national competition law regime. However, the new as well as the old Law stayed in line with their EC counterparts. The new Competition Law comes as a result of a long-term public debate on the necessary amendments of the previous Serbian Competition Law and its solutions draw mostly from the experience of the Serbian Competition Commission (CC) under its predecessor. It reshapes a number of provisions and brings forward many new institutes such as dawn raids, structural and behavioral measures, sealing off business premise, the CC’s competence to issue fines directly, a new leniency regime, higher merger thresholds etc.

This paper outlines the structure of the new Serbian Competition Law, the most important novelties that have been introduced and their potential impact on future business activities in Serbia.

Note: Downloadable document is in Serbian.

Keywords: competition law, Competition Commission, dawn raids, de minimis, direct fines, inquiries, leniency, merger thresholds, New Law, new competences, private enforcement, damages, Serbia

Getzich (Gecić), B. 2009, "New Serbian Competition Law (Novi Zakon o zaštiti konkurencije) ". In: Pravni Informator, Broj 9, Godina XII, September 2009 , Intermex Software & Communications, Belgrade, Serbia.


New Serbian Competition Law_Serbian.pdf