Understanding Copyright Law: A Beginner's Guide

  • Linda
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Understanding Copyright Law: A Beginner's Guide (ranked #94 in the Patent, Trademark and Copyright subcategory on Amazon as of June 2010) offers readers an introduction on how to register, maintain and enforce copyrights. Copyright is a form of legal protection for literary, performance and visual arts-based works, among other things. In fiscal year 2007, the United States Copyright Office registered 526,378 claims to copyright. Copyright protection can be secured under the laws of many other nations as well. This book emphasizes the process for registering a copyright with the United States Copyright Office.

The reader will be introduced to the nature and function of intellectual property law as it relates to copyright. Intellectual property law is an evolving body of law that seeks to create a fair balance between the privilege to enter markets and compete and the privilege to realize the full value of one’s own goods and services without unfair competition. Through this book, the reader will gain an understanding of the types of property subject to copyright; how to protect and use copyrighted property; how to complete a copyright application; pre- and post-registration procedures; how to monetize copyright assets; infringement issues; and copyright in the digital age.

The appendices, together with the bibliography and recommended reading, provide readers of this almanac with relevant statutes and other information to further the reader’s knowledge of the matters discussed in this book. The glossary contains a summary of key terms defined throughout the book. This user-friendly resource is essential for anyone seeking an introduction to copyright law.

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