The Propriety of Traditional Dispute Resolution Processes in Nigeria

The burden of this paper is to appraise traditional dispute resolution processes in Africa with a primary focus on Nigeria. Dispute is an inseparable face of the human race. Exertions aimed at achieving a profound understanding of the nature and causes of disputes, the creation of societal awareness and endowment with dispute resolution skills at individual levels are never excessive.
Nigeria is an independent nation state with about 140 million citizens which hail from diverse ethnic groups. These ethnic groups have their distinct and inimitably unique culture, values, ethics and dispute resolution processes that follow suit.
The popular dispute resolution methods applied by most of these ethnic groups include; deity-facilitated methods, negotiations among disputing parties, mediation and traditional arbitration etc. However the methods adopted by the different ethnic groups are basically the same, save that the processes by which they are administered vary in sympathy with the cultural values and interests of the individual ethnic groupings.
This paper shall also attempt an assessment of the efficiency of each of the dispute resolution methods in the eyes of our present day society. Although these methods have been most prominent in resolving disputes on the continent, they are laden with shortcomings which should not be looked into with a view to their being eliminated or minimized. This paper is dedicated to seeing that these African processes are polished to a mirror finish.

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