Interpretive Research

Studying the concept of interpretive research, I understood the main features of this research strategy and realized its importance for the market research in general. Undoubtedly, while this method is more useful than others, it is not perfect, in my opinion. Specifically, people will not always behave normally if they know about that they participate in a research, and it is impossible that they will react in the same way in everyday life. Moreover, this approach takes much time and resources. In many cases, it is better to use basic surveys.
However, there are some situations where interpretive research can be a great variant. For instance, I suppose that it can be used by companies producing some yogurts to gather information about the popularity of the product among customers. Indeed, it is better to see the reaction of people on the taste of yogurt than to ask them about the experience through the online poll. This approach is great for any food products. The main problem is the cost of this research. Only exceptional producers can afford conducting a study in this way, namely, such a research procedure is too difficult and expensive to implement by the majority of firms.
According to the video of a focus group, the producer has not conducted an additional research of the targeted customers. For this reason, children reacted in such an aggressive way. For obtaining better results before the actual research, the company must study the market and population groups the marketers are targeting.
I would make better preparations before the focus group. To ensure that the focus group is more prepared, I would gather information about the preferences of the group to be ready for their reaction. Secondly, I would make more calm and modern presentation. Every detail of the presentation should be concentrated on the product and not on the attempt to excite the audience. Thus, the research method will be effective and powerful if implemented in specified situations.
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Mitchel, K. 2022, Interpretive Research.

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