Electronic Visa service for Albania – Available Now

Electronic Visa service for Albania – AvailableNow
Newsletter September 2020
With Decision No. 655 dated 27.08.2020, the Ministry of For- eign Affairs has approved the format, content, and the elements of security for Electronic Visa.
Now all the Type C and D Visa foreign applicants are not required to go before any Alba- nian Embassy or Consulate to obtain their Visa.
The Electronic Visa will be in A4 format and once provided may be printed directly from
the applicant and should be kept during his enter and leave from the Albanian Borders.
To obtain an electronic Visa the person should select the option of Electronic Visa during their Visa request application. For electronic Visas, there will be an addition of 20 Euro in the standard fee of the Visas for each nationality.
With the electronic Visa, Albania aims to facilitate the process and to ease the formalities for Visa issuance

Hoxholli, O. 2020, "Electronic Visa service for Albania – Available Now". In: LPA LEGAL NEWSLETTER , LPA LEGAL ALBANIA, Albania.


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