Renewable Energy Albania

More than 20 companies from around the world have competed for the construction of the Karavasta Photovoltaic Park. The data is announced by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy, while other interested investors have about a month to submit their bids. This, having regard to the deadlines announced during the auction opening, bids may be submitted by 16 March 2020.

The photovoltaic park of Karavasta will have an installed power of 140 MW, while the investment value of this energy project is estimated at over 100m euros. Referring to the mitigation measures, for 70 MW the state will guarantee the purchase of energy and another 70 MW will be traded on the free market. The winner of the auction will be determined by the bids he will submit for the price at which the government will buy the electricity, while the ceiling price is 55 euros / MW.

According to the announced deadlines, the ministry plans to close all necessary procedures by May 8 and conclude a contract with the investor, while only after signing it will be seen how long the park will be built. But as this department is advancing with a new procedure, there is no concrete development for another photovoltaic park, which is the Acropolis. The winner for the construction of the plant has been announced since November 2018, but so far the parties have not been able to sign a contract to pave the way for the investment.

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