Feminenglish Part III: Causes and Consequences

Our current series of posts about Feminenglish, that peculiar deferential language female lawyers and business women have learned to speak in meetings with men, and last year’s related series about how men tend to grab the mike in meetings and “borrow” women’s ideas, are not intended as a feminist manifesto or a deep dive into diversity policy, gender politics or gender studies. Those worthy topics are the province of other authorities far more expert than we.

Our premise has been this: because of lawyers’ communication-related disconnects, discord, distrust and discouragement, particularly with respect to women, the legal profession is wasting a lot of horsepower. An unacceptable amount of horsepower.

Woldow, P. 2016, Feminenglish Part III: Causes and Consequences.


Tags: Gender Inequality, Law Firms,

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