Manterruption, Part II: The Quest for a Cure

Interruption may have many causes or represent a combination of ingredients. Some experts consider a lot of interrupting to be a conversational habit, a byproduct of men historically talking more and women being regarded as having less to say. Or maybe in part it’s a geographic or cultural artifact, not necessarily dismissive or unfriendly. Famed linguistics guru Deborah Tannen has pointed out, for example, that fast-talking New Yorkers interpret any pause as a sign that the speaker has finished. Others say interruption may actually signal intimacy, kind of an ‘I interrupt because we’re such close friends’ theory.

But our concern should be with Intrusive Interruption intended to perpetuate power disparity. Since most men can sincerely deny malicious intent, what triggers this interruptive urge?

Woldow, P. 2015, Manterruption, Part II: The Quest for a Cure.


Tags: Law Firms, Gender Inequality,

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