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When you have been bitten by a dog you should get it reported straight away and seek medical advice, and you need to be contacted by the owner with regards to your injuries and seek out legal advice about making a compensation claim against the dogs owner. The other party will try to discuss a settlement for compensation. If you have been injured severely, you need to take appropriate action, as the dog could be dangerous and attack others, even small children. Here I have discussed when it is important to sue, and when it is better to accept a settlement.

Kind of Compensation for Dog Bites

Victims can collect damages or claim compensation for injuries caused by someone else, and in a case of a dog bite you will be claiming against the irrisposible owner who did not take the apprpriate actions to train their dog or give it the attention that it needed. Most damages are designed to compensate victims for the following :

  • Past, present and future medical bills to receive treatment related to a dog bite
  • Replacement or repair of property destroyed or damaged when you were bitten
  • Lost wages for your time off work, including time spent visiting a doctor's clinic
  • Cost of hiring a person to perform household chores you're unable to perform yourself after the injury
  • Permanent disfigurement and disability caused due to the dog bite
  • Emotional distress caused due to the dog bite
  • Other costs incurred due to dog bite injuries

As mentioned earlier, dog bite compensation can be collected in two different ways. You can either choose a court judgment or out of court settlement. A professional lawyer can help you make the correct and informed choice.

Determining Dog Bite Compensation

Once you settle the case, the dog owner, the owner's insurance company, you, and your solciitor will negotiate an agreement to compensate your injuries. It is worth mentioning that the money is either paid by the dog owner or his insurance company. In some cases, both parties need to compensate you for damages.

When the case moves on to a court judgment it is presented to a jury or judge, who will then consider the evidence and decide who was at fault. The judge can order the prosecuted party to compensate the victim and will also decide the amount of money you're owed in damages. The losing party can appeal the case to have the compensation reduced.

When you settle your case out of court, you may be paid less money for your damages. Therefore, it's better to take the case to court, unless of course you are happy with the amount you have been offered and consider it fair compensation. It's worth mentioning that there's no guarantee about receiving fair compensation. If you want to increase your chances of receiving fair compensation then it's important to consult a professional lawyer. Some benefits of taking it to trial include:

  • Fair compensation
  • Greater emotional satisfaction
  • Professional legal help

When you hire a professional lawyer to handle your dog bite case, the concerned person is able to evaluate a settlement offer and determine whether the offer compensates you for the dog bite.

It's important to ask your dog bite lawyer about all the benefits and drawbacks of settling the case against going to court. In some cases, you may have unique reasons to settle the case out of court. You should always look for a professional, reputed and experienced dog bite solicitor to make sure you receive fair compensation.

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