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Reading, Writing, Arithmetic and Science have always been core modules in school curriculum. The legal fraternity especially the law and the judicial system however dictate that citizens and residents should always be aware of the local laws. To this effect, the legal maxim ‘Ignorance of Law is no excuse’ is drummed in to students from their first civics class. Guided by our core principles, here we are to deliver you bespoke legal information that you should know. We have always been at the forefront of driving the conversation towards the issues. It is an indubitable conviction that we live in a time of information overload and it is Court Uncourt’s attempt to look for context and insight into subjects that pique your curiosity.


This blog attempts to lay your curiosity to rest and share our competency and proficiency in UAE Laws openly and seamlessly for your safety and knowledge. We wish you a pleasant and beneficial reading.

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