Taking the Plunge: Do You Want to Be Managing Partner?

So you’re thinking about diving into the election for Managing Partner, eh? You think your chances are good: you enjoy the respect of your partners, your business judgment is on a par with your legal judgment, and during your term on the Executive Committee, you came up with strategies that helped the firm navigate some rocky shoals and weather some serious storms. You’re seen as a problem-solver who can think outside the box and eschew tradition when necessary to respond to change.

Yet some close friends, your significant other and probably your family are asking, “Why in the world would you want to do that?” What will be the rewards and satisfactions of trying to herd a bunch of self-interested cats fiercely protective of their turf? Why would you back away from, or at least throttle back on, a thriving practice with some solid client relationships? [Read more and get the practical checklist for guiding the decision in the article.]

Woldow, P. 2014, Taking the Plunge: Do You Want to Be Managing Partner?.


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