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Vibration-induced White Finger, abbreviated VWF, is considered the most common indicator of HAVS – Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome. Months, even years can pass without clear symptoms since it doesn't become apparent immediately after vibration exposure and this period is what is known as the latent period.

The symptoms may start with numbness along some itchiness sensation of the victim’s hand and fingers due to poor blood circulation together with the nerve endings getting affected by vibration damage. In attacks where the body or the hands become cold or wet, finger whiteness will occur and this may last for at least fifteen minutes until re-warm. The finger(s) will then become red due to relaxation of the blood vessels making the blood rush back. At times this may only affect one hand and in other times both hands. All you need to know is that the fingers are the most exposed body parts during vibration work; so proper care in during work should be observed at all times.

The number of people in the UK including the rest of the world affected by Vibration-induced White Finger is gradually increasing with a fraction of these people opting to take legal action against the concerned parties. The legal action in this case is making a claim for certain compensation. Making a claim for VWF compensation in the UK depends on a number of factors, which include:

Severity of your Vibration-induced White Finger

VWF severity is measured according to each hand and also each finger on the hand that is affected. Meaning that the more severe your injury, the more VWF compensation you will be entitled to.

Ability to work

The amount of compensation is also determined by the level of your ability to work including the ability to partake the hobbies you used to enjoy before the bad news. If the effect is huge on your work as well as social life, the more you will be entitled to get for compensation.

Other white finger claims

Apart from claiming for the pain caused by VWF, victims are also entitled to claim for financial losses they may have incurred during the process of trying to treat the HAVS condition. The financial loss may include lost income, medical expenses, care and assistance from friends and family, and many more. In case you suffer or maybe a person you know suffers from VWF, experts recommend that a record of every expense incurred be documented. It would be better if you possess the original receipts because they will play essential part in backing the financial claim.

Just like any other compensation claim Vibration White Finger compensation depends on the level of evidence provided before the legal chambers. It is therefore important that you have your papers well when filing the claim. There are several websites that offer free online legal help if you are among the many people who have suffered vibration in working environment. Once it is confirmed that you have a case, make sure you are represented by a professional with reputable history in the business to increase your chances of winning the case.

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