Bike Accident: Collision with Car at Crossroad

Although crossroad has a fairly small area for cycle traveling route, it is wherever a cyclist has more risk of getting collision with a car or in other way affected in a car accident. Just 11% of bicycles accident gets a crash with a car; however from this count, only 45% accidents take place in junction where one road crosses another. In contrast to this figure, a good number of bicycle accidents - around 59% - engage just the cyclist, wherever motorcyclist could not maintain control.)

In order to reduce the risk of crossroad accidents with big vehicles, cyclists have to pay more attention on other crossing vehicles, do what the rules of the road require, be trained to recognize a few of the crossroad hazards involving great risks, and take safety measures when going to and riding through an crossroad.

It also requires to know the essential legal rules of legal responsibility - about who is liable for an accident. Bicyclists who don't know or practice traffic rules or don't consider a suitable attention might be regarded liable for an accident. And bicyclists who do practice the rules of the traffic but are even so colliding with a driver who doesn't practice the rules of the traffic may be shocked to realize that the driver and police consider the bicyclist responsible for the crash.

In such a condition, to avoid responsibility for an accident following getting accident with a car, bicyclists must comprehend - and practice - both the essential legal rules of legal responsibility and the rules of the traffic.

How to prevent bike Accidents from happening at crossroad

Crossroad has a unique risk to bicyclists for a lot of reasons: Big vehicles, in many cases take the speed of a bicycle too lightly; they often don't look forward bicyclists to be on the road therefore car drivers aren't caring for bicyclists; and despite the fact that cars are aware of bikes, they, in certain cases only don't notice them since bicycles are small and can mix into the environment (because of their clothing, the sun, and further aspects).

Motorcyclists and car drivers should bear this in mind and take more care to prevent accidents from happening at crossroad by:

• Becoming more the degree of exposure to bike and cyclist notice (with front and back lights, paints or taps capable of physically reflecting light, and dazzlingly colored clothing)
• Be alert - a legal condition for motorcyclists and car drivers in a similar way
• Riding in a defensive manner, and
• Learning to consider emergency tactics to prevent the occurrence of accidents. The free brochures,
• Pay a proper attention - use mirrors, and ensure your mirror alignment when you come close to the intersection.
• Be ready to perform an unexpected brake where you can get a small injury.
• Ensure your lane arrangement by going closer to the most right track or riding in the right track when you pass the crossroad.
• Avoid coming near a car's sightless location at the same time as approaching from back or when waiting at traffic signals.

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