4 Things to SAY Following a Car Accident: Auto Accident Claim

Car accidents often take place so quickly and suddenly in our life that we may be stunned immediately. You may be even in a huge shock following a car accident. You may experience property damage in shape of a beautiful car as well as personal injuries. But this anxiety can increase when you keep quiet or do not say anything following a car accident and personal injury to your lawyer and insurance adjuster. In such situation, you should hire the right auto accident solicitor for making the claims.

Here are four vital things that you do need to say following a car accident to your attorney and insurance adjuster:

1. I was driving my car in the right direction without receiving phone call

First and foremost, you will need to tell the truth to your car accident lawyer and insurance company representatives that you were not on the phone call while driving the car on the highway. Bear in mind that insurance company representatives are very nifty and sharp minded individuals. So they will definitely try not to force you to make the claim. Moreover the insurance adjuster will try to reduce the exact compensation amounts.

2. I was not on medication and I need a medical treatment now

You have to tell the truth to your insurance adjuster that you were not using any sort of painkiller, anxiety, and sleeping pills. Then you will be eligible for compensation as a result of horrible car accident. You should keep in mind that insurance adjuster will investigate each point regarding the road accident. So you should be ready to face the insurance company representatives in a confident manner. The more you will stay positive and remain confident, the more you will increase the chance to get the maximum compensation amount through the insurance company. You should simply request for making the indemnity for your medical expenses and personal injuries.

3. You were driving the car actively and were not exhausted at all

This is the third most important point in your case where you should say to the insurance adjuster that you were driving the car actively and were not exhausted at all. That means you have a right cause for getting the compensation amount as a result of car crash. In other words, it can be said that the other party is responsible for car accident. Now it is the responsibility of your personal injury solicitors Preston attorney to make the right claim against the guilty party.

4. My car has been working right

Last, but not the least, you should just say to the insurance company that your car was working in a right condition. You have to prove the point with logic that you have maintained your car properly. But unfortunately, you lost your car due to road accident. This is why the insurance company will be compelled to give you the compensation amount following car accident and injury.

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