Liability of Employer for Personal Injuries by Demolition and Burnt

Occupational accident
A temporary worker gets injuries in demolition on a scaffold. Before his injury, he should ensure the authorities that the company is liable for any injury. The company will try to refuse for payment of injury compensation because the employee was not appointed to carry out the work and also was not his own work, he did not need a scaffold in line demolition.

Court judgment
The court has several statements. In an interim ruling in 2009 had already determined that the employer had to prove that the employee was not hired to do demolition. If this is established then also do not take into account that the employee would use scaffold. After this initial verdict witness interviews have taken place.

May be that the determined witness statements on crucial points are diametrically opposed. There were three witnesses heard next victim:

1. The Director of the user enterprise;
2. The supervisor of the victim;
3. A colleague.

It is not entirely surprisingly if the director and supervisor declared that the victim was carrying only cleaning. However, a colleague of the injury victim stated that the victim was with them helping in demolition.

Employer liable for burnout
If it is clear that employee has more workload, he should repeatedly complain about the workload with his. In case of burnout accident or any other accident, two labor violation of the work is examined:

• Insufficient attention to the prevention / elimination of the possible presence of "workload issues";
• Absence of a plan of action associated with the risk assessment and written - evaluation.

The employee is then examined by a psychiatrist and psychologist. The researchers try to conclude that there is a burnout at the worker and the symptoms are associated with factors in the workplace, namely the high workload in the work area.

Prolonged overload may cause a health hazard. The main symptom of burnout is severe fatigue and exhaustion. Workers with burnout are often cynical; they are dark and create a negative self-image. In addition to psychological problems may also arise from physical symptoms such as muscle pain and headaches.

Causal link
He has long under enormous psychological pressure to work and the he has a burn out. The report of the experts is clear that the nature of complaints has strong indications that they are caused by "work-related issues", associated with factors in the organization of work, which specifically refers to high workload. He was working as sickening experience and it is confirmed by colleagues.

Duty of employer
The high pressure of workload is known to be a known risk to the working tasks. This is also confirmed by, for example, the report of the labor inspectorate. In no way, it has been found that the employer also has the workload and the risk of concern goes to the employer.

The employer is only liable for your injury by burn-out if there are special circumstances such as:
• Prolonged overtime
• Difficult or burdensome work
• Understaffing

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