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The filing online or pre- filing clearance searches are not available yet. Filing must be accompanied by a precise representation of the trademark, including the verbal element in case there is any, 8 (eight) labels featuring the trademark in the exact form in which it is to be registered and specification of the goods/services for which protection is applied, as per the Nice Classification.Applications may be refused because part of the description of goods and/or services for this reason, is just referring to a whole class. Descriptions that are considered too broad or too narrow might bring the risk of either unnecessary conflicts with prior marks or lack of protection of non-specified goods and/or services in a class, depending on the circumstances.

Should be taken in consideration to adapt the specification accordingly, with the assistance of a local trademark agent. Another significant requirement relates to trademark licence agreements; in order for these to be opposable, they should be legalised by notarial deed and duly registered with Albanian Patent and Trademark Office.

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