Best Law Firm in Albania

LPA Law Firm Albania has a well-established position in the Albanian IP market. The team is valued for its in-depth knowledge, and maintains a broad practice, covering copyright, patent enforcement and IP licensing and franchising.
We assist our client in reviewing and drafting all the contracts dealing with IP issues such as service agreement, distributorship agreements, agency agreement patent, trade-mark and know-how licence, sub-contracting contracts, out-sourcing, transfer of intellectual property rights, research and development contracts. We have also an experience in the field of the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights.

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Hoxholli, O. 2014, "Best Law Firm in Albania". In: Acquisition International Magazine, Acquisition International, London UK.


Acquisition International March 2014 (LPA) Best Law Firm Albania Trademarks Albania.pdf

Tags: Intellectual Property Law In Albania, Trademarks In Albania, Copyright In Albania, Patent Registration In Albania,

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