Government Launches Consultation into Independent Abortion Providers' Approval Systems

The Department of Health has launched a consultation into the procedures needed for the approval of independent businesses that provide abortion services and other sexual health services such as contraception.
It is looking into whether or not the Secretary of State for Health ought to continue approving abortion providers in the independent sector, as existing law already provides the official with the power to approve these places.

It will also examine other aspects of abortion health law and the ethical issues surrounding abortion. The Abortion Act provides women with access to safe, legal abortions, and changes to health laws around abortion are made on the basis of free votes following proposals made by backbenchers.

England and Wales abortion data

In 2012, throughout England and Wales:
- There were a total of 185,122 abortions during the year. This is 2.5% lower than the 189,931 abortions seen in 2011.

- The abortion rate among women under the age of 16 was 3.0 per 1,000 women, whereas the rate for women under the age of 18 was 12.8 per 1,000 women. These figures are both lower than they were in 2011.

- The overall abortion rate was among women aged 19, among which 33 in every 1,000 underwent the procedure. This is the same ratio seen in 2009 and is slightly lower than in 2000.

- The NHS funded 97% of all abortions. More than half of these (62%) took place under NHS contract in the independent sector.

- Overall, 48% of abortions were medical abortions.

- A total of 2,692 abortions were undertaken because of a substantial risk that the child would suffer from serious mental or physical health problems that would leave them seriously handicapped if they were born. This accounts for 1% of all abortions.

Currently, independent sector abortion providers must meet a set of principles. The aim of these principles is to ensure sound clinical governance, management and organisation, to comply with any requirements they have under health law, and to provide women with the best possible quality of care.

All abortion service providers must have registered with the Care Quality Commission and meet safety and quality standards outlined in the Health and Social Care Act. The Care Quality Commission conducts unannounced inspections of these facilities regularly, and the Secretary of State can revoke a provider's license to conduct abortions if they fail to meet their responsibilities under health law.

Consultation partners for changes to abortion health law

The government is asking any interested parties to respond to its consultation into abortion health law. The consultation runs from between November 22nd and January 17th.

Some of the organisations and people the NHS is eager to hear from include:
- Foundation Trusts
- NHS Trusts
- Abortion providers in the independent dsector
- Clinical Commissioning Groups
- Professional bodies
- Royal Colleges
- Any other patient organisations or stakeholders who have an interest in abortion services' provisions

The consultation is interested in the proposed changes to the Required Standard Operating Procedures of independent abortion providers.

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