Personal injury solicitors London call for action on Cycle Super Highway safety

With a review into the capital's Cycle Super Highways underway with the idea of segregating all of these highways whenever possible, personal injury solicitors London hope that the Mayor of London Boris Johnson follows through with his pledge to make London as safe as possible for cyclists.

Clearwater Solicitors, a team of no win no fee solicitors London; understand how big an issue cyclist safety is in the city, with a huge number of cyclist accident compensation claims occurring every year.

They are concerned that the Cycle Super Highways may encourage cyclists and other road users to have a false sense of security, and to think that they are safer than they actually are.

Personal injury solicitors London hope that as many Cycle Super Highways as possible are segregated, and that the review happens as quickly as possible as any unnecessary delays could lead to preventable and avoidable deaths.

Far too many tragedies have occurred in London over recent years, with cycling taking off as a major mode of transport through the congested city streets, and a large amount of investment has already taken place in improving cycling provisions in the capital. No win no fee solicitors are concerned that, while a lot of money has been spent on Cycle Super Highways, more money could have been used to improve safety by providing additional segregation.

John Biggs, a local London Assembly Member, highlighted Cycle Super Highway 2 as a route particularly in need of attention. He said it should be at the "top of the list" in any reconstruction efforts, calling the route "particularly hazardous". A number of tragedies have already occurred on the route, and in the opinion of no win no fee solicitors, one preventable tragedy is one too many.

Boris Johnson has made many pledges to improve cyclist safety in the capital. Cyclists are among the most vulnerable road users; while cars have a degree of protection in road traffic accidents; cyclists usually have only a helmet to protect them in collisions. One of the key dangers cyclists face on London's road is that of HGVs, buses and other large vehicles, as cyclists can easily end up in the driver's blind spot if they are not segregated from other traffic.

Hellen works with personal injury solicitors cash advance from many years, she has much knowledge about personal injury solicitors compensation claims, and she lives in London with her family.

Geek, H. 2014, Personal injury solicitors London call for action on Cycle Super Highway safety.

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