New Charter Aims To Reduce Litter around London Takeaways

London takeaways are being encouraged to effectively clean up their litter as part of a new scheme.

The "food on the Go charter" initiative was launched by the council and has been welcomed by personal injury solicitors London, who are concerned at the number of slip and trip injury claims caused by discarded fast food wrappers.

The charter is voluntary and is aimed at fast food outlets, sandwich retailers, takeaways and other businesses that sell food for people to eat immediately.

All businesses that sign up to the charter will pledge to install bins outside their premises, put up posters encouraging people to dispose of litter properly, minimise the amount of packaging they use and ensure they have proper arrangements for the disposal of waste. They will also commit to picking up litter around their establishments.

For adhering to the charter, they will receive a 'Food on the Go' certificate, and 103 companies from Kearsley, Farnworth, Harper Green, Rumworth and Great Lever have already signed up.

No win no fee solicitors London could deal with personal injury claims relating to injuries caused by dropped litter, and businesses that sell these products should take some responsibility for their following disposal.

Furthermore, London Council spends £2.8 million dealing with litter every year, with a significant proportion of this money spent cleaning up around fast food retailers. It is hoped that the new campaign will increase community engagement and cooperation, encouraging customers and businesses to take ownership of their litter.

If the campaign is successful, it should make London a cleaner, tidier and safer place to walk around, doing much to beautify the area.

The large cost of litter, the anti-social aspects of dropping it and the unpleasantness of slipping in someone else's discarded fast food should be enough to encourage most people to deal with their waste products hygienically and conscientiously. Personal injury solicitors London hope this initiative provides the right impetus to bring about a sea-change in the amount of litter in the town and people's beliefs about the proper disposal of their products.

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