THINK! Survey Reveals Startling Attitudes towards Road Safety

The government's THINK! campaign is committed to reducing the number of road traffic accident claims by improving the UK's road safety. Every year, THINK! carries out a survey into the UK's attitudes towards road safety issues, asking people in England and Wales a series of questions about their attitudes.

The results of the survey are very interesting to personal injury solicitors and anyone else involved in road traffic accident claims, indicating the kinds of personal injury claims they will deal with in the future and the negligence motorists are most likely to see.

In the most recent survey, the most dangerous driving activity is considered to be getting behind the wheel after taking Class A drugs, with 90% of respondents agreeing. This was closely followed by driving while drunk, cited by 89% of respondents, with 83% saying it is dangerous for a person to drive when they are unsure whether or not they are over the limit. Despite this, just 57% of people agreed that driving after drinking two pints is dangerous, indicating that a huge number of people are still unaware of the alcohol limit and could be driving while dangerously drunk regularly.

Road traffic accident claims cash advance are considerably more likely to occur after just two pints of beer - reaction times decrease significantly when people are just a little bit intoxicated. Personal injury solicitors would warn motorists that it is never safe to drive after drinking - drink-drive motor vehicle claims involving people who do not think they are dangerously drunk are very common.

What should road safety campaigns focus on?

The THINK! survey also showed that people believe raising awareness of drink-driving is the most important issue that public safety campaigns should address to prevent road traffic accident claims, followed by speeding and using mobile phones. Interestingly, the number of people who believe that cycling safety should be a key priority has risen over recent years - in November 2011's survey, just 6% said this is an important issue, but in July 2013 this rose to 11%.

Speeding and road traffic accident claims

Any personal injury solicitors in Preston will agree that speeding is an incredibly dangerous driving behaviour - the likelihood of an accident causing death or serious injury increases dramatically when cars are traveling at high speed. And while 79% of people said driving at a speed that is too fast for road conditions is dangerous, only 53% completely agreed that it is dangerous to drive at 40mph in a 30mph zone, while 40% completely agreed that it is dangerous to drive at 90mph on the motorway when there is no traffic. However, 64% completely agreed that breaking the speed limit on country roads is dangerous, showing that drivers consider country roads to be more dangerous to speed on than other types of road.

No win no fee solicitors would like to stress that sticking to the rules of the road and remaining vigilant, alert and proactive while driving is the only way to drive safely. Preventable motor vehicle accidents are all-too-common, and it is the moral and legal responsibility of all road users to drive in as safe a manner as possible.

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