A Practical Slant on LPM Implementation

It’s little wonder that law firms struggle to integrate Legal Project Management (LPM) into their lawyers’ legal service delivery. The firm’s LPM champions face a double bind: on one hand, many of the firm’s lawyers are skeptical independent thinkers who scoff at the idea of hard and fast rules for managing their matters. On the other hand, these same lawyers are frustrated that their firm cannot provide them with a nice, pat LPM cookbook with a complete set of easy-to-prepare recipes for managing all their legal projects effectively, efficiently and predictably.

That said, our firm’s experience with rolling out and implementing LPM provides some practical lessons for creating, launching and institutionalizing this practical case management approach across the firm. There may be other approaches, but this one is working for us.

Woldow, P. 2013, A Practical Slant on LPM Implementation, United States.


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