Drivers misled by car dealers could face motor vehicle accidents

While personal injury solicitors Bolton regularly see motor vehicle accidents involving driver error, mechanical failures also regularly play a role in road accidents. Usually the driver is still the liable party - they may have failed to MOT the vehicle or deal with mechanical problems when they arise - but in some cases, mechanics, used car traders and other parties can also be responsible.

This is backed up by a recent study by AA, which found that 30% of second-hand car buyers think they have been misled about a used car's past problems when buying the vehicle, with 23% thinking the vehicle may have had mechanical problems or other faults that they were not honestly told about.

Furthermore, 11% thought that the vehicle they bought might have been in a motor vehicle accident they were not told about. Shockingly, 5% said they have discovered 'clocking' in a used car they have bought. Clocking is when the odometer is altered so the car's apparent mileage is reduced. A further 1% found out a used car had outstanding finance, which buyers can be liable for.

Poor dealership advice leading to car accident claims

These statistics indicate that some used car traders are potentially sending drivers to no win no fee solicitors Bolton by failing to offer the standards of service they are expected to. Misleading customers about the quality of a car could easily lead to serious motor vehicle accidents, and the used car dealer could be liable in later car accident compensation claims.

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) suggests that clocking alone leads to consumers overspending a total of £580 million every year, with a 2010 study suggesting that more than 50 businesses in the UK offer "mileage correction services" openly.
More than one-quarter of the OFT's 'mystery shoppers' felt the information they receive from dealerships about a used car was insufficient or worse, although customers need these dealers to tell them accurate information about a vehicle's history and any other relevant facts.

Personal injury solicitors Bolton feel that although there is adequate legislation to deal with these problems, enforcement is ineffective. Some car dealers either don't know or don't care about the rules and are putting their customers at risk of car accident compensation claims unnecessarily. Trading Standards and the OFT should come down hard on these dealers to drive up road safety.

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