1."A New World Order", 2."How to solve Human Problems From Poverty to Nuclear War",3 ".Democrism-the third theory" 4." Business Ethics of Capital Distribution," 5. Universal Declaration of Capital Justice"6.

“One World, One government and One Humanity
“We may have democracy, or we may have wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we cannot have both”-
- Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis

Crux of the Doctrine
1. ‘Democrism’ means ‘Democratization of Economy’ or ‘Democratic Capitalism’ or ‘Creation of People’s Direct Ownership of Capital’.

2. Each Industry For All And All Industries For Each : When the economy is democratized “Each Worker will own a Share in All The Industries and All The Workers will own a Share in Each Industry”. No worker will be allowed to sell his share and all share market gambles will be eliminated.

3. Classless Society: The above economic concept will eliminate the class distinction between ‘Capitalists and Workers’ and create a ‘Classless Society’ without forcibly acquiring the capital stock of a few capitalists.

4. Dual Monetary System: A new economic technique known as ‘Dual Monetary System’
Will be introduced by replacing the hitherto existing complex fiscal and monetary policies. Under the Dual Monetary System a new money known as ‘Investment Money ’ will be put into circulation in addition to the present money which will be called as ‘Consumption Money’. When the investment money is put into circulation it will create adequate capital for the generation of new employment opportunities.

5. Interest-Free Investment: Whenever the workers buy goods and services a part of price in the form of ‘Investment money’ will flow into their ‘Investment Account’ of the workers in ‘Investment Bank’.

6. Creation and acquisition of Capital: This ‘Investment Money’ (of workers) will be utilized for creation of new capital to generate new employment opportunities and for acquisition of accumulated capital stock of Corporate Sector without harassing them in order to democratize the economy or to establish ‘People’s Direct Ownership of Capital’.

7. Stabilization of employment: The investment money will function as ‘Equilibrator’ between ‘Producers monetary expenditure and their monetary income’. It will empower the producers to receive their ‘expected income’ even though all the goods produced are not sold in order to stabilize the volume of employment and income of workers.

8. Dual Income: The workers will receive dual income-“Wage for Labor and Dividend for investment”

9. Egalitarian Society: On the distribution of ‘National Dividend’ the poor workers will get higher dividend than the rich workers to uphold ‘Distributive Justice.’ It will reduce the ‘income gap’ between workers and help to create an ‘Egalitarian society’.

10. Workers’ Management: Since each industry is directly owned by all the workers of the country, the management of each industry will be entrusted by the workers of the industry on behalf of the workers of a whole of the country. The worker-managers should assume responsibility to keep accountability and transparency to the workers as a whole.

11. Tax-Free Economy: Similarly the workers will directly contribute some part their of National dividend to government to meet its expenditure by abolishing all kinds of taxes.

12. Inflation-Free Economy and Just Price: In Democratic Economy since all the Producers (workers) are the Consumers and all the Consumers are Producers, the price-level of goods will be determined by the Consumers themselves and it will be Just price and there will be no question of Inflation. It will establish a PROSUMER (PROducer cum conSUMER) SOCIETY in which the distinction between producers and consumers will disappear.

13. Corruption-Free Economy: In Democrism when ‘Investment Money’ comes into circulation, it will prevent the buyers to spend any volume of money that is covered over and above their ‘declared income’. So that no one will spend the ‘corrupt money’ and it will become a waste paper.
14. Cherishing Social Morality: Any volume of money that is stolen or even ‘picked up ’ that is found on the street or collected as unauthorized donations by any socio-economic-political organizations could not be spent for buying goods and services under the administration of ‘Investment Money’. It will empower the people to cherish social morality.

15. Preventing the circulation of counterfeit money: The Investment Money will act as filter or a check post to flow only the ‘consumption money’ into the ‘income and expenditure streams’ of the consumers and producers. It will prevent all counterfeit and illicit moneys to flow into circulation. No political act is required to immune or to insulate the legally accepted volume of money to flow into circulation.
16. Elimination of Nuclear Weapons and Terrorism: In Democratic Economy since all industries are directly owned by workers, the workers will not allow their industries to produce any Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). It is the only solution to eliminate nuclear weapons and global terrorist activities. Ultimately it will lead us towards “One World, One Government and One Humanity”.

17. Formation of Economic Government: Since all the industries are directly owned by the workers as a whole, they will possess absolute control over the management of the industries, in short over the whole economic activities of the country. In order to empower the ‘rule of the workers’ an ‘Economic Government’ will be formed through the representative of workers of each industry, both service and goods sector, such as iron and steel, mining, agriculture, railways, communication and information technology, postal service, education and so on.

Each industry will function as ‘economic constituency’ and the workers will elect their representatives, according to pro rata of workers population, to the economic government. These worker-representatives will elect their ‘head of the economic government’. He will be the powerful head of the state and select his council of ministers through proper guidelines.

The present ‘political government’ will function as usual but its power will be reduced in par with the ‘municipal corporation’. Moreover the administration of political government will be under the control of economic government.

Doctrine of Democrism can be abridged as follows:

“Work according to Energy; Work Justice
Wage According to Work; Wage Justice
Investment according to Wage; Investment Justice
Dividend according to Investment burden; Distributive Justice
Equality according to Dividend and Egalitarian Justice
Ideal Society according to Equality.” Socio-Economic Justice

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