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LPA Law Firm Law Firm, a law firm based in Tirana, Albania is proud of their profound knowledge and professional services in the field of debt collection in Albania. Our lawyers possess the experience and know-how to successfully pursue a claim for debt in Albania and throughout the rest of the world.

In contrast to other countries, debt collection is mainly performed by lawyers and not by collection agencies in Albania. Consequently, lawyers in Albania undertake to perform the task of recovering debt for their clients; this naturally leads one to conclude that lawyers are skilled and experienced in the collection of debt.

Lawyers in Albania instigate the debt collection process by sending a written demand for payment by post to the debtor. A far more formal approach is used if deemed necessary, with the lawyers instructing court bailiffs to send a written demand for payment to the debtor in order to convince the debtor of the gravity of the situation and to apply pressure on the debtor to cooperate. In the event that the debtor fails to respond to the above order or refuses to communicate whatsoever, lawyers in Albania proceed to litigation measures which may include the following:

• The filing of a law suit
• The instigation of a payment order procedure
• The filing for interim measures, provided the debtor is found to be in a dire financial situation

It is worth noting that certain benefits arise from engaging a lawyer to assume the responsibility of collecting debts. Debtors usually pay sooner when a law firm is involved in the collection of debt. A client is free to run his daily business and does not have to invest time and effort in order to pursue the debtor since this task is appointed to his lawyers.

Lawyers’ fees in relation to debt collection services are determined mainly by the extent of work which they must carry out. Where the debtor pays the outstanding debts after receiving the phone call or the letter from the creditor’s lawyer, the costs for legal services is usually modest. If a lawyer is required to resort to litigation measures in Albania, then the legal fees correspond to the measures which must be taken. We must emphasize that in the event that litigation measures are taken, enforcement is required. This means that once the measures are effectively enforced, the expenses incurred by the creditor are paid from the amount obtained through enforcement in Albania.

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