Article: Port Concessions: A Privatization Modality?

Under Colombian law, port concessions allow for the integration of third parties in the performance of state tasks. This raises the question as to whether such practice constitutes a modality of privatization. The principles of German law can provide a special impetus for understanding the multiple modalities of interaction between public and private administration, the examination of the requirements applicable to the concession applicant, and state discretionary measures in general and those taken in the concession procedure.

Muriel Ciceri , J. 2011, "Article: Port Concessions: A Privatization Modality?". In: Pensamiento Jurídico, Bogotá Colombia, Ed. School of Law and Political and Social Sciences of Universidad Nacional de Colombia, 2011., Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá, Colombia.


Tags: Examination Of Proportionality, Modalities Of Privatization, Discretion, Port Concession, Public-Public Partnerships., Status As A Businessperson, Public-Private Partnerships, Beliehene,