Shipping e-brief July 2008


Damages for late redelivery - The Achilleas
The "disparity principle" and the appropriate levels of salvage awards in rescue towage cases
Package limitation under the Hague-Visby Rules Article IV Rule 5(a): when are goods lost or damaged?
Collision claim - damages for loss of use - method of assessment
No implied right to change voyage orders under ASBATANKVOY form
Can a shipowner claim common law damages from a yard that has failed to build and deliver a vessel?
Salvage: why no state immunity for the Iraqi government?
Demurrage and responsibility for stowage and reversibility of laytime
Bailment in Hong Kong - delegation to independent sub-contractor does not absolve bailee from responsibility
German Law: liability in multimodal transport - beginning and end of carriage by sea clarified
Delay and the risk of inconsistent decisions leading to discontinuance of an anti-suit injunction in London
Rule B Attachment - not an alternative to seeking security for costs
Commercial Litigation
Freezing injunctions under the Arbitration Act 1996
Part 36: is it worth the fight?

Sayce, D. 2008, Shipping e-brief July 2008, Ince & Co.