Scientific Evidence in Civil and Criminal Cases, 5th Ed.

This popular casebook is designed to provide those participating in trials with a concise understanding of the scope of the most commonly encountered types of expert testimony, and the nature of the results which may be expected from specialists. The 5th edition includes a well-needed section on computer forensics. It explores both the potentialities and limitations of various types of expert proof. It considers qualifications needed for expertise in these various professional disciplines and discusses the status of the law concerning the various types of evidence encountered.The book first deals with the general concepts underlying expert opinion testimony, with the use of real and demonstrative evidence, and with opinion testimony of non-expert "skilled witnesses." It then turns in succession to expert testimony based upon the physical sciences, and expert witnesses in the biological and life sciences. Finally, the book explores expert testimony in the behavioral sciences.

Burgess, S. 2007, Scientific Evidence in Civil and Criminal Cases, 5th Ed., Foundation Press, Westbury, NY.