Will Hanlon

Location Tampa, United States

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Practice areas Criminal Law Criminal Defense Criminal Law, Felonies DUI/DWI DUI Defense
Memberships The Florida Bar, National Criminal Defense College, Trial Practice Institute, 1996, Prosecutor/Public Defender Trial Training Program, 1995, National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Hillsborough County Bar Association, American College of Barristers
More about me As a local Floridian and criminal defense lawyer, my family history in Tampa compasses eras. Since being admitted to The Florida Bar just about 20 years ago, I established Hanlon Law and have increased far reaching legitimate involvement in criminal courts in and around Tampa and all through Florida.

At Hanlon Law, I speak to clients charged with a wide mixture of criminal acts. From criminal acts as genuine as crime to minor movement offenses, I work overwhelmingly and productively to win a rejection, a lessening in charges or a quittance — all while giving mindful insight to you and your family.


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