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Practice areas Writer on international socio-economic problems. I have suggested various solutions for remedy. My strong advocacy is to implement "Dual Monetary System" - an economic technique to solve all socio-economic problems of mankind. In the Dual Monetary System a new money known as "INVESTMENT MONEY" will be put into circulation along with the present money. The Investment Money will create 1. Tax-Free Economy, 2. Interest - Free Investment, 3. Empower the workers to uphold "All Industries to Each and Each Industry to All" - an Economic Democracy. 4. Promote Workers Direct Participation in the Management, 5. Since all industries are owned by the workers the National Dividend will be owned by the workers..6. Dual Income: The workers will get "Wage for Work and Dividend for Investment" 7. Egalitarian Society: The dividend will be distributed according to Investment Burden i.e. Poor workers will get more dividend then rich workers. It will reduce "income gap" between workers.8. the workers will establish "Industrial Democracy" to govern the country. 9. Abolition of Nuclear weapons: Since all the industries ware owned by the workers, They will not allow their industries to produce Weapons of Mass Destruction like Nuclear Weapons and there will be no fear of Nuclear War or WW III.10. Abolition of Terrorism: In the absence of WMD the terrorist activities will be wiped out across the world. 11. The mankind ultimately achieve 'World Peace' even by 2050.
Memberships 1. Member of Center for Economic and Social Justice, USA, 2. Center of Economic Justice., 3. World Economic forum
Interests Reading, Writing, Debating, Lecturing and listening soft and melodious songs and to play with little children
Wants I wish to serve the mankind without any expectations., "You have born to do great things. Let not the barking of puppies frighten you. No not even the thunderbolt of heaven., Stand up. -Swami vivekananda.
More about me 1. My wife is retd. Prof. of a Medical college.
2. Son studied MS in US and working there.
3. My daughter is working in Infosys
4. Three grand children. Two of them are US citizens.
5. Daughter-in- law studied MBA in an International University, USA
6. Son-in-law is working in Infosys.


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