Vadim Barkow

Location Zaporozhie, Ukraine

Current positions

  • Lawyer, no: –°ivil dispute, business (economic) dispute, administrative dispute, family dispute., Since 2009/09


About me

Practice areas Civil law, Economic Law, Administrative Law.
Interests Compensation of material harm, Indemnification, Debt receivable compensation, Compensation as recourse, The judicial appeal of acts of enforcement authorities, A law of shipping, Registration physical and juridical persons, Legal protection of business.
Wants Development of various industries of the right, Pretenzionno-claim activity, Enhancement and self-realization, Prospect of professional and career growth.
Haves I sociable, Possess analytical mentality, Responsible, I am able to work in a command, I possess high working capacity, Conscientiousness, Purposefulness, Decency, Easily I understand new industries of jurisprudence.
More about me In free time from work I like to be on the nature, to fish and hunt.


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