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Location Toronto, Canada

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Interests Lawyer marketing, referral marketing, yellow page advertising, music
Wants Clients. Who is the perfect client for me? A lawyer/business owner with a great product or service who realizes that they can’t grow, it any more by working harder.
Haves I can help you improve your referrability and get the word out about your law firm. I can help you increase the conversion rate of your yellow page advertisement. I also offer analysis of your yellow page ad for free.
More about me For Many years since 1990, I have been one of the most respected marketing strategists for North American businesses. From direct response copy to sales process reconfiguration, custom training programs and original speeches on marketing, behaviour change and metaphysical topics, many consider my work as always forthright, compelling and on message.

Needless to say, I'm also the founder of the “Double Your Business in 180 Days Program”, the only training Program featuring a 1000% ROI guarantee.
Some of my past and present clients include:
• Transamerica
• Metropolitan Life
• Altamira
• Guardian Mutual Funds
• Adorah Skin Care Products Ltd.
• Snug As A Bug
• The Business Huddle, Inc.
• Charles Novogrodsky & Associates
• The Fresh Breath Clinic

I have been frequently featured on television and radio, and I’m a regular contributor to Small Business Canada and other Magazines. My newsletter ‘Marketing From the Heart’ has been published online since 2000, with thousands of subscribers worldwide.

I also enjoy singing and currently interested in song writing, which eventually led me to being featured nationally on Much Music, CBC’s Morningside with Peter Gzowski and in glowing print articles in the Toronto Star and many others.


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