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Location Lahore, Pakistan

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Practice areas Consultancy in Corporate Matters including Financial, Banking and securities Market matters, Providing Legal support and guidance to advance Groups and External clients on Legal issues, Drafting and Vetting of different Legal/Commercial Instruments, Negotiations and Discussions to form Joint Ventures and Formation of Companies and Establishment, Research of different Legal issues (Corporate/Commercial), €˘ Civil Courts, Family/Guardian Courts, Session Courts, Labour Courts., €˘ Federal Services Tribunal, Federal Shariat Court, High Court & Supreme Court of Pakistan., €˘ Income Tax Tribunal, Board of Revenue, Special Courts., €˘ NAB Courts, Antiterrorism Courts, Banking Courts., €˘ Drug Courts, Anti Narcotics Court, Anti Corruption Courts., €˘ Income Tax, Wealth Tax, Property Tax, Sales Tax etc Consultancy and solutions., €˘ Alternative Dispute Resolution, Arbitration, Civil, Criminal, Banking, Company, Corporate and Labour Intellectual Property Laws matters, Consultancy, Drafting of Legal papers, Opinion, Agreements and Various Legal and Commercial instruments.
Memberships €˘Fellow Member Research Society of International Law., €˘Fellow Member of “The Law Society”, London., €˘Member Research Committee for Improvement of Law USA., €˘Member Pakistan Professional Association., €˘Member Provincial Literacy Committee, Punjab, Pakistan., €˘Life Member Lahore High Court Bar Association, €˘Life Member Lahore Bar Association, €˘Member Lahore Tax Bar Association, €˘Member Human Rights Committee, Lahore, €˘Member High Court Bar Association, Islamabad


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