Sumanta Banerjee

Location Kolkata, India

Current positions

  • .: , Since 2009/09


  • M.L.C: BA. LLB(H), 2009/09 –

About me

Practice areas Criminal Law, and IPR litigation, Trademarks, Patents
Memberships bar council of west bengal........
Wants create my own identity................... through my work
Haves Rich Experience, Hard Work, High Potential
More about me There is a common simple phrase I got sumwhere...which carries somuch meaning.....which describes me:

"I love walking in rain

Because when i walk evryone thinks i am happy........

And nobody can see me crying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

.... Its too difficult to describe me in short with so many shades of my behaviour so i myself is confused.....

well I am very openminded person with broad mentality.....and also has the power to forgive the people who gave me pain.....In short I can say I am:

.... sometimes too much emotional & sensitive while sometimes careless and whimsical, sometimes too much argumentative, while sometime a very good listener, sometimes love to enjoy with friends while sometimes quite lonesome, sometimes highly ambitious while sometimes without any ambitions, sometimes too bold while sometimes too timid and coward, sometimes practical while sometimes love to be in dreamland. yes that's me ... a man...with all aspects of life and want to live the life at its fullest....just go on with the life....


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