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Practice areas Personal injury lawyer, Personal Injury Attorney, Personal Injury Law, Personal Injury Litigation, Accident Lawyer, Car accident attorney, Car Accident Lawyer, Car accident, Car Accidents, Truck Accidents, Trucking Accidents, Ride Sharing Accidents, Ride sharing injuries, Rideshare accident, Uber Accident Lawyer, Uber Accident Attorney, Lyft Accident Lawyer, Uber and LYFT Accidents, Lyft Accident, Bicycle Accident Attorneys, Bicycle Accident Lawyer, Bicycle Accidents, Pedestrian accident, Pedestrian Accidents, Pedestrian Injuries, Estate Planning, Business Law contracts, Motor Vehicle Accidents and Injuries, Motorcycle accident lawyer, Orange County Car Accident Attorney, Orange County Car Accident Lawyer, Orange County Personal Injury Attorney, Orange County Personal Injury Lawyer, Orange County Uber Accident Attorney, Orange County Uber Accident Lawyer, Orange County Lyft Accident Attorney, Orange County Lyft Accident Lawyer, Orange County Bicycle Accident Attorney, Orange County Bicycle Accident Lawyer, Orange County Trucking Accident Attorney, Orange County Trucking Accident Lawyer, Orange County Pedestrian Accident Attorney, Orange County Pedestrian Accident Lawyer
More about me Stephen Rosen specializes in personal injury law, car accident law, uber, lyft, bicycle, trucking, pedestrian accident, business contracts and estate planning.


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