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Matthew Spiegel, Founder of Spiegel Law Group, Is one of San Diego’s best and most respected criminal lawyers. With over 750 criminal cases handled, Matthew has turned himself into an aggressive and skilled criminal attorney., Mr. Spiegel has defended clients in all types of criminal cases. He has defended over 750 clients, Including defendants facing charges of murder, Assault with a deadly weapon, Drug possession, Robbery, Burglary, Sex crimes, And much more. Matthew has also defended more than 400 DUI clients. His experience in the courtroom has helped him to become a very successful criminal trial attorney, Having taken many cases to jury trial and obtaining verdicts of not guilty.

Mr. Spiegel spent 4 years working as a criminal attorney with San Diego’s largest criminal defense law firm. He has handled cases that have featured him on local news television broadcasts, including high profile cases that had great public interest. Mr. Spiegel has also been the featured speaker on local radio stations, including XX Sports Radio.

As a graduate of Thomas Jefferson School of Law, Matthew is a product of San Diego’s finest legal institution. He attended Thomas Jefferson on a scholarship and immediately excelled in classes related to criminal law.

Call today to speak with Mr. Spiegel. His dedication to service will provide you with the attention that you deserve and his knowledge and expertise will provide you with the defense that you deserve.

Call today for a free consultation. 619-338-0022


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