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More about me Food is one of the basic necessities of life, supplying various nutrients that the body uses to produce energy, repair worn-out tissues, and sustain life and development. Because nutrients can support life and growth, each person needs to maintain an adequate diet for better health and performance, remembering that different nutrients have different functions and vary according to their needs in the body. As a result, many countries such as India, Nigeria, America, England and others formulate dietary guidelines such as RDA and DRI to achieve optimal nutrition. People who cannot meet their nutritional needs directly from daily food intake due to physiological factors, age or work usually use food supplements. For this work, the food and dietary supplement literature published and indexed in Science Direct and Scopus was searched and comprehensively analyzed. Research has primarily focused on the health claims of dietary supplements, such as their use in the treatment of diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, cognitive function, obesity-related erectile dysfunction, bone mineral density, and their use in athletes. Food Additives risks, limitations, market trends, and future prospects have also been presented. Among all the supplements studied in this review, Omega 3 fatty acid was the most widely accepted and highly effective dietary supplement with little or no criticism. Additional regulations on such products are recommended to protect human life, as dietary supplements are not always safe. It should only be used as prescribed or recommended by a physician or qualified healthcare professional with appropriate experience.
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