Ricardo Amaral

Location Miami, United States

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Practice areas Aviation Litigation
Interests Energy, Insurance
More about me At the beginning of my professional life, I started at Braschek, a Meal Ticket Company, I was then promoted to the commercial area and, after some time, to the function of Commercial Supervisor.

After, I was hired by American Express Cards, where I worked as Territory Manager for the State of Espírito Santo. Right after that, I started as insurance broker in my family’s business.

I started as authorized clerk at the Espírito Santo State Court. Then I came to São Paulo, where I graduated in Social and Legal Science, while already working as paralegal. As a paralegal assistant, I was in charge of procedures within the gubernatorial sphere. Practicing Law and Consulting since 1998, I went for a specialization right after graduating and started a course in the São Paulo State Public Prosecutor’s Office. Such specialization course was focused on collective and public interests.


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