Ravi Shankar, Master degree in Management

Location New Delhi, India

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Practice areas Arbitration, Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate Law, Business Litigation, Real Estate Litigation, Foreign Direct Investment, Trademarks, Copyright law, Supreme Court of India, Intellectual Property Law, Patent Litigation, Contracts & Agreements, Wills and Probate, Matrimonial Disputes
Memberships International Bar Association, International Law Association, Supreme Court Bar Association, International Chamber of Commerce, Chartered Institute of Arbitration, Indian Council of Arbitration, JCI.
Interests Litigation, Legal services, Law & order
More about me The Managing partner of firm Mr Ravi Shankar who has about 20 years of Corporate Law Practice in New Delhi. I am holding a Master's degree in Management and bachelor's degree in Law. I have worked with various international lawyers and International Law Firms.


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