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Practice areas We at RSB LEAGUE are dealing in all most all spheres of laws whether it is Corporate, Criminal Law, Banking laws, Land Laws, Arbitration & Conciliation Cyber Laws and one of the most demanding sector prevailing in the industry is the Intellectual Properties laws.
Memberships We are members at Supreme Court Of India, Member Delhi High Court Bar Association, Member Indian Council of Arbitration, Member Asia Pacific Jurist Association( APJA).
Wants We are open to Foreign Firms as well as to Foreign Lawyers for association or partnership.
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About Us

RSB League, located in national capital New Delhi, is a consortium of experienced lawyers from the apex court of India. The battery of lawyers here is leaded by the renowned Sr. Attorney Subhash Bansal. Mr. Bansal has voluminous experience of 30 years in dealing with various legal issues and has some of the outstanding achievements to his credit, including but not limited to, drafting of constitution of World Fellowship of Religions.

The firm excels in providing expert legal consultancy and court room services in all areas of business law to both national & international clients. Be it an issue of local or multi– jurisdictional practice area, specific or inter-disciplinary, firm has credible track record of handling transactions of all sizes and all levels of complexity.

The RSB League provides various services to its clients, besides Joint Venture, Franchising services, complete corporate infrastructure and all other areas of legal services. The firm’s corporate and tax lawyers work together to assist multi-national enterprises in structuring and re-structuring their domestic and international transactions and operations.

The firm extends its high quality legal services to Corporates, Private/Public Undertakings / Corporations as well as individuals with their wide range of global issues pertaining to legal, managerial, service and/or alike natural disputes.

Quick & effective response and non-peril legal services at effective cost are the two basic principles that make RSB League stand distinct among its competitor firms. The company adheres to ethical business principles and maintains high level of transparency in dealings.

The client’s interest at RSB League remains an issue of primary concern and it assures of preliminary meeting at earliest possible date. The meeting can be held at RSB League office in Delhi or at a location more convenient to the client. If necessary, its representatives can travel overseas for consultation.

We are always enthusiastic to ensure that our services carry a clear added value to the client. Client’s need is a prerequisite goal of ours.

Our law firm maintains a balance and equity between the domestic and international clients. Professional advice is our prime concern not alone to domestic/private clients, but also to the public sector and foreign governments.

The firm has an innovative and energetic approach to work and is mindful of its goal in undertaking a wide range of initiatives including professional development. The firm is willing to undertake agency works from abroad and invites proposal for the same from solicitors, lawyers, attorneys and legal firms.

Our long tradition has allowed us progressively to build an extensive network of contacts in the major jurisdictions with law firms who share our philosophy: quality, independence and professional vocation. We are delighted to work together with them on international matters and various other aspects, depending on the specific timely needs of the client.

We also actively participate in seminars and conclaves in various areas of law both at local and international level.


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