Nicholas C. Rowley

Location Decorah, Iowa, United States

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Practice areas Personal injury, Brain injury
More about me He is a Trial Lawyer. 99.9% of his clients are beyond satisfied. If a case is winnable he can win the case and do so by caring about his clients and treating them like family, caring about them, and learning their human story.

He is 39 years old and have a success record like nobody else at this stage of career. He attribute this to hard work and being willing to take on battles that nobody else would. Because He is a trial lawyer, he can get top dollar settlements for his clients because the defense and insurance companies know that he will take a case to trial. If you ever want to speak to clients he has represented he can provide a list and you can ask them questions about how he has helped change their lives. He is licensed to practise law in Iowa, Minnesota, and California. He is a member in good standing with all State Bars. He was on 2 years of probation with the California State Bar for problems that occurred in his previous California office back in 2007 (more than 7 years ago) after he suffered through the death of one of my chlidren that had nothing to do with my skills as a trial lawyer in the courtroom. He learned greatly from that experience and is a much better lawyer and business person because of it. The full story of that is at and he would welcome anybody who wants to know more to read the decision.

Personally, he enjoy being a husband and father, paddle boarding, scuba diving and teaching trial skills to other lawyers. He is a published author, the book is Trial By Human which you can find on He is a part of a great law firm in California (Carpenter, Zuckerman & Rowley) and also regularly team up with his wife Courtney Rowley who is also a Trial Lawyer.


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