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Interests AS AN INDEPENDENT LAWYER, January 2002 to Present, €� Standing lawyer at Lower Courts and High Court conducted a number of causes of civil nature., €� Enrolled in Lower Courts on 26-01-2002 and in High Court on 16-12-2005., €� Member High Court Bars of Peshawar High Court and Islamabad High Court, €� Working with the well known and legend lawyers of Pakistan such as, 1. Mr. Justice Muhammad Aalam Khan (Ex-Judge of the High Court Peshawar), 2. Mr. Qazi Muhammad Jameel Advocate (Peshawar/islamabad), 3. Mr. Farhat Nawaz Lodhi Advocate (Islamabad), 4. Barristor Masroor Shah and, 5. Mr. Sayyed Haziq Ali Shah Advocate (Peshawar), As a Research Assistant and Associate Lawyer in their Chambers., July 2008 to Present, SHARIF INTERNATIONAL, A Company Dealing in Providing Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Solutions, LEGAL AFFAIRS MANAGER, Reporting directly to the top management of the Company. Responsible for all legal and corporate matters of the Company which broadly include the following responsibilities:, €� Performing the legal functions with a particular focus on providing commercial, Legal, Industrial relations and transactional support to business segments and department., €� Managing all legal and corporate matters of the Company in accordance with local legislative system., €� Implementing the business profiles in all business transactions and managing the department in compliance with all requirements set by the management., €� Overseeing and coordinating activities of subordinate lawful staff., €� Meeting among customers and other attorneys, Organizing legal briefs, Closing and opening courtroom arguments, Compiling evidence and conducting research., €� Organizing pay taxes, Settlement of labor disputes, Business contracts, And managing other legal issues., €� Offering legal recommendation on business firms, Companies and its projects and to corporate officers about their legal responsibilities or obligations, Duties, Rights and possibilities of violations, €� Directing the Company through the procedure, And attending public shareholder matters., €� Offering analysis and advice on policy, And environmental matters, Proposing latest products and defending thinker property., €� Providing legal expertise and directions to handle legal matters of the company., €� Framed Byelaws for the company employees, €� Working to the best of my knowledge and expertise for making the company to be techno-legally safe
Wants SKILLS AS AN ADVOCATE, Broad legal and Educational background with more than 20 years of teaching Grammar rules and mathematical laws, Preparing pupils grammatically fit and analytically thinking and more than eight years as a lawyer and a teacher of law subjects. A unique combination of the knowledge of mathematics, Grammar and the law which all are analytical subjects and require logic made me a good problem solver. A persuasive individual possessing strong negotiating skills, Oral and written communication skills. Demonstrated experience in outside counsel in litigation matters as well as in resolving many disputes of family matters by saving precious time of clients rather than involving them in useless and time wasting litigations., € Having comprehensive knowledge of corporate, Labor and various local laws, € Having thorough understanding of company’s operations, Policies, And related legal matters, € Can demonstrate a proven track record of achieving organization objectives while addressing corporate legal issues, € Relentless pursuit of excellence, While being thoughtful of colleagues at all levels, € Having outstanding arbitration and counseling skills, € Effective interaction with both internal and external contacts, € Ability to coordinate legal activities & formulate contracts and policy recommendations, € Ability to draft and negotiate complex documents, ORGANIZING, MANAGING, EDUCATING & PERSUADING PEOPLE ASSERTIVELY, Working in different schools, Law firms, IRDP and as a Legal Advisor for different Companies made me familiar with organizational procedures and gave me the experience of working with people and I learnt how to manage group of people and how to build relationship with my students, Stakeholders, Co-workers and other people. My legal profession, Working with people and teaching different types of writing (Persuasive, Assertive and Argumentative) to my students gave me a persuasive power and I can argue on any issue and can persuade people., € Can analyze and understand a case and prepare it through legal research. Able to interpret statutory provisions and contractual stipulations., € Good experience of using a law library for theoretical studies to present a relevant statute for helping the Judges in the interpretation of Laws., € Able to communicate effectively, Verbally and in writing, Within and outside an organization., € Have report writing and interpersonal skill and have knowledge of administrative procedure, € Proficient in articulating technical ideas clearly and precisely, Both orally and in writing, In order to summarize findings, Disseminate information and make presentations, Taking into account the audience and nature of information., € Listen to others and respond appropriately., SKILLS AS AN EDUCATIONIST, EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY, EMPATHY, EXAMS PREPARATION TECHNIQUES, PARENTING & HANDLING STUDENTS WITH MATH PHOBIA AND SLOW LEARNING, After learning educational/children psychology I have been practicing it. I know how to teach a student and how to make him/her understand any difficult topic in simple language, Provided he/she would be ready to learn. My teaching experience made my mind that every student should be taught according to his/her own mental level and emotional intelligence. I believe in teaching with highly undivided and personalized attention.I love my role and love to be with my students. I believe that little steps in learning go a long way. I feel very comfortable with working and exceptional learners., CREATIVE WRITING SKILLS, Promotional Material Development such as proposals, Reports, Newsletters, Brochures and scripts. Copy editing or rewriting of write-ups. Preparing generic write-ups for recycling. A way with words and knowledge of how to cross the t’s and dot the i’s and a knowledge of sentence length and layout that significantly affect reader’s perception of clarity. Possessing the ways of removing officialese and pompous language by using simple alternatives and reconstructing the sentences. Can understand official language and decipher jargon and legalese, With the plain English alternatives. Essays & short stories, Précis & summary writing, I have ability to synthesize complex information into coherent and persuasive analyses.
Haves Written Research, €� Legal – i.e. statutory, Case law, Regulations, Legislative, Administrative, Codes, Private contracts., €� Factual – trial records, Police and witness reports, Administrative agency, Files, Financial records, Medical reports, Physical evidence., €� Good researchers pay attention to detail., Writing Ability, €� Persuasive (a brief, For example), €� “Neutral” (an opinion letter to a client, File memoranda), €� Good writers pay attention to detail., Oral Skills, €� Interviewing (client, Witnesses, Medical personnel), €� Negotiating (opposing counsel, Administrative case workers), €� Persuading (oral arguments, €� Counseling (clients), €� Good oral skills include the ability to think on one’s feet, Problem-solving, €� Ability to analyze research and apply to problems at hand, €� Attention to detail, excellent preparation, €� Ability to set priorities and find creative strategies and solutions, €� Resourcefulness, €�People Skills”, €� Ability to listen, €� Ability to communicate, €� Empathy/patience (but also ability to stay detached when necessary), €� Ability to work with people in crisis, €� Diplomacy, Tact, Persistence, Other skills, €� Flexibility, €� Good judgment, €� Good organization, Administration, Management abilities, €� Ability to be a “team player”, €� Commitment and passion for the area (i.e. criminal defense), €� Integrity, €� “Grace under pressure”, €� Self-confidence, €� Foreign languages, €� Technical skills (i.e. computers, Scientific knowledge, Etc)
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1. Chaklala Scheme-III, Rawalpindi
2. Islamabad High Court, Islamabad


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