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Practice areas €Has an area of expertise in International Law, Civil Law, Commercial Law, Criminal Law, Labour & Family Law as well as Drafting memos and contracts., Pleading and Litigation in all courts., €Study and Write Legal Memoranda and drafting them very precisely., Handling all legal issues.
Memberships SBA (SYRIAN BAR ASSOCIATION), KLC (Knowledge Learning Centre) In British Council
Interests International human rights, €All kinds of human rights, € Animal Rights, Arbitration & International Trade Overview, Specialization in Islamic Banking - legal and contracts related to Islamic Banking comprehensive.
Wants Obtain a Challenging Legal Executive Responsible Position in a Leading, Strong, And Professional Organization Working in Business fields And Recognized Locally and Internationally.
Haves Experience in the comparative studies between different Laws of Arab countries and foreign countries., € Experience in the comparative studies relating to International Arbitration Rules., € Experience in the forms of governance for companies and institutions., € Following-up and management of all issues and legal affairs., € Provide C E O with strategic lead and direction for a broad range of legal advice, Support and services to all functions and provide legal direction on regulatory issues., Advise management on new legal developments and issues., € Represent and handle legal disputes at the local and international levels., Manage internal and external legal requirements, Observe and enforce legal conditions internally and protect employee interests from a legal perspective., € Contribute to the development of the Legal Department objectives and participate in their achievement., € Provide guidance to the Executive, Legal & Regulatory in a way which leads a culture of high performance and team work in a professional environment., Provide expert legal advice in the resolution of all legal issues, Disputes related to the Government and/or other operators., Develop policies, Procedures to ensure efficient and streamlined operations by the Legal Department., € Undertaking relevant legal research and studies., € An Arbitrator for Syriatel to resolve all disputes, Legal issues and business., Develop formulas for governance policies and procedures., € Follow-up and management of all issues and legal affairs., € Drafting different contracts, Agreements & legal memos., Check the suitability & appropriateness of legal documents., Issue the contract accordingly., € Coordinate with relevant entities to obtain full contract and documents information if necessary., € Control the contracts signature cycle., Recommendations to all departments about their legal inquiries., € Responsible for contributing to the enhancement of customer satisfaction., Authenticating by stamping and signing all contracts and appendixes., € Perform any Legal duty or assignment., Authorities:, 1- Authenticate & Approve all legal contracts., 2- Carrying on all legal issues., 3- Contact with any Position from lowliest to Chief Executive Officer about all legal issues., 4- Contact with Law Offices., 6- Do legal researches and studies., 7- Making decision to meet client’s expectations depending on Policies & Procedures.
More about me • 7 + Years Professional Experience in the Legal Profession as a Lawyer & Legal Consultant / Advisor with: 1 - Syriatel Mobile Telecom and GSM Operator; leading the Contracting & legal Advisory Department. 2 - Legal Department of SDE Group – Networking Industry. 3 - Law Firm: HL&A (Attorneys & Counselors at Law) - Dubai / U.A.E.
• Membership in Syrian Bar Association since 2005.
• Fluent English and Arabic.
• Highly Responsible & Excellent Interpersonal skills.
• Proactive and committed Team worker.
• Creative, innovative and flexible approach.
• Ability to work under pressure and handle multiple tasks within prescribed deadlines.
• Excellent Communication, Negotiation & Client facing Skills.
• Excellent Time Management Skills.
• Meticulous Attention to Details.
• Decision Maker & Good presentation skills.
• Superior ability to achieve immediate and long-term goals.
• Excellent ability to motivate in a supervisory position.
• Superior ability to learn quickly, work independently and use resources effectively.
• Willing to travel extensively.
• Excellent Computer Skills.
• Microsoft Windows & Microsoft Office.
• PC hardware maintenance and troubleshooting .


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