Mohamed Nour Abdaulla

Location Aleppo, Syria

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I holds BA degree in Law, University of Aleppo in 1991 worked a lawyer before the founding of the Office of the biggest law firms specializing in commercial and civil matters, criminal and legal, administrative and real estate where he gained extensive experience in those areas and a wide range of legal services to all the various issues and problems, married and have three children and a computer-mm and Awakp developments Scientific and love of the teamwork and care to agriculture and trade in real estate and I love to travel

And keenness of the office since its inception, the provision of legal services and shall include a special all aspects of law and order us to keep up with legislative development in accordance with the scientific and technological progress for the performance of its statutory duties towards his clients to the fullest has incorporated the elite group of specialists in different areas of law that lead to successful business as exemplary, satisfactory to the firm's clients customers

We are working on various types of trade issues, administrative and labor, real estate, financial, banking and legal issues, customs, insurance and securities business and liquidation of companies, estates and various contracts, including contracts and investment companies, registration and documentation and registration of trademarks and patents

Research is the key starters by the Bureau and stems from the conviction that research is an important means of the means of development and modernization in all fields, providing the fundamental pillars upon which all services, in addition to public education and expansion of legal knowledge required to provide the effort and time and therefore the final outcome of the work

Default and questions what is going on in the mind of the customer opens the way to achieve their aspirations and thus meet the wishes and by providing legal services and legal systems with honesty and integrity and in complete privacy and a high level which satisfies the client and achieve a good reputation and is the market of any country to understand and penetrate successfully requires the advice of specialists with high professional expertise and knowledge The specialists of our employees are providing the legal points of convergence between the companies and individuals, and the Office supported the success of the client by selecting and defining the new business opportunities as well as to formulate plans and strategies appropriate legal and judicial experience, and the solution diligent study and informed consent and ongoing development of all after the God of the ways lasting success that we seek to achieved with all sincerity

And for all that seeks to my ..

* Provide advice and legal advice to the client first.
* Objectively analyze it with the correct orientation of the problem.
* The use of means to serve the client to achieve its goals and preserve their rights, confidentiality and honesty in all professional work.
* Provide good service to achieve excellence which benefits the client to the best degree of

And provide such legal services with ease and speed of handling of accomplishment and completion of work and be confident
Dealing with our office to serve you and work hard and vocational needs Gohdar eligible to complete the desired result accuracy, speed high

And I can provide proof of official gleaming, my personality and other data to be assured handling and cooperation with our office

And you Kind Regards .... Thanks

Lawyer, professor \ Mohamed Noor Abdullah ....

Syria - Aleppo

Cellular phone 0009630944421860

Land phone 0212318626


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