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Practice areas Personal Injury Lawyers, Car Accident Lawyers
More about me At Lichtenstein Law Group PLC, we have established our practice on crafting compelling lawsuits as well as seeing cases through to a jury verdict. We know that a number of cases could be settled with an out-of-court negotiation, but our firm believe in fighting for what's fair, even if fair is not simple.

We have focused on serious injury and criminal cases ever since 1992. Each and every client that comes through our door is treated as an individual. From the second we take your case, we start getting ready for trial, managing to keep your needs as our main priority. We define our success by your contentment.

While founder John E. Lichtenstein has over 28 years of legal expertise, he has carefully picked a team of competent trial attorneys and legal professionals to create a legal staff with almost 100 years of combined experience. We all delight in the challenge of a complicated case and are ready to stand by you.

If you are coping with a complicated legal concern, don't wait to start building your case. We are ready to discuss your options.

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