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Location Annapolis, MD, United States

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Practice areas Family, Divorce and Separation, Child Support, Child Custody
More about me I am a native of Fairfax, Virginia and have lived in Maryland since January 2007. Having gone through a high-conflict divorce in 1998, I understands the pain of divorce, divorced parenting and the negative impacts of litigation. In 1994, I obtained my Master’s Degree in Conflict Resolution, and then shortly after divorcing went to law school to become a family lawyer. I wanted other people struggling with family conflict to understand that litigation is not the only way to resolve the issues surrounding the break-up of a family.

After years of practicing family law, I believe that non-adversarial approaches are always best in the family arena, but not always appropriate in every case. I enjoy helping people think through their situation and decide which approach is best for them in addressing their family matter.


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