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Interests Poker, Ice Skating
More about me As a child, I dreamt of becoming a lawyer and help the poor who can't afford a lawyer when they need it. This is not unusual to someone who is an only child to both lawyers. Yap. My Mom is a human rights lawyer while my Dad has been a loyalist to the company of his father's bestfriend. In few months I will be graduating in college with my pre-law degree which is Economics.

Two months ago, I took the examination at the Stanford University and I am still waiting for the result. Although my parents suggested some good Law Schools that I have included in my options just in case I did not pass. I am not being pessimistic but I should not expect much. I must say, the examination is really difficult. Of course I would be very very happy if I'll get accepted at the University. I know this will make my parents very proud.

Right now, I am already preparing a research paper which I think would be a requirement upon entering any Law School.


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